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Belgrave Sound and Light provide Audio, Lighting and Vision Engineering for your event.
Our Specialty. We can walk in to a venue or show and make it happen for you (Conditions apply) or we can supply everything needed including equipment and Engineers to set up and run the gig. Our staff are professional and customer-service oriented. We will ensure the safety of the venue, performers, staff and patrons are protected at all times while making sure you function is as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Belgrave Sound and Light can provide the right equipment for hire for your event.
Do you need an extra piece of equipment for your gig or an entire rig to put on the show. We can supply or source everything you need to make sure things go down well without breaking the bank.

Belgrave Sound and Light can source the best products for your needs and budget.
Whatever your needs, you can be sure to be pleased with our sales system. If you want a special piece of equipment, we will find it for you at the best possible price. If you want to gear up within a set budget, be will ensure you can get the best equipment available from across most major brands that fits within that budget.


Belgrave Sound and Light does installations for your Pub, Club, Venue or private premises.
Do you have a special room, a venue (Pub, Club, Hall, etc) that needs fitting out? We can advise, supply, install and train yourself or staff or provide engineers or operators so you can be sure that your patrons and performers are happy and come back for more. These people can be very critical of poor sound and lighting and tend to not return if they perceive these as a problem. If it is done well and they find the experience enjoyable they will recommend you to their peers, friends and family. This ensures you get a good return on your total investment.

Experienced consultants can advise performers, event managers and venue operators.
Contact us to arrange reports and advice regarding events, equipment, venues and performers. Getting it right is the first step to a successful business or show. If you have problems, this can be a most efficient way of solving them.
We consult over a large range of specialties, including sound, lighting design, venue operation, staging, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management, WorkCover, equipment, events, etc

Belgrave Sound and Light provide Training to suit your needs.
We can train yourself, staff and venue operators to use your existing, hired, installed or purchased equipment so you can get the most from your investment and do it safely.


Belgrave Sound and Light will record your function, performance or event.
Belgrave Sound and Light can arrange to record your performance, whether you do it solo, a small group or large band. We can record in mono or stereo as a wave file or MP3 at whatever resolution you want. If you require multi-track recording or a direct CD for personal use or as a demo, we can do that too. Want a fully mastered piece? - let us know and it will happen.
  Video and Photography
Belgrave Sound and Light provide Video and Photographic Services for events, concerts and shows.
We can set up a video system for you, record your show or produce a music video. Want video production added to the performance for that really memorable event? No problems.
Publicity or personal photos can be done. We will take them for you and give you a disk and/or prints or provide an experienced professional event photographer for the best possible results.
Service, Repair and Customising
Belgrave Sound and Light can arrange Equipment Service, Repair and Custom Mods.
If your equipment needs servicing, routine maintenance, testing or repair call us. (Entertainment electronics have an extaordinary harsh life.) If you want a customisation done on that special piece of gear, we can help.
Belgrave Sound and Light has contracted one of the best Audio Technical Engineers in the country.