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A summary of our work.

Over many years, Belgrave Sound and Light have been involved in many productions. We have provided services to a veritable who's who of entertainers dating from the earliest Australian Bands to some large events and lots of start-up and amateur performers.
We also Train and mentor new entrants (young and old) to the entertainment technical production industry. If you wish to learn about sound, lighting or vision systems, contact us.
We are proud to have been associated with Australian Music for over 30 years and will continue for may years to come


Ayers Rock.
McKenzie Theory.
Jeannie Lewis.
Renee Geyer.
Dutch Tilders.
Straight Jacket.
Phil Manning.
Dave Nunn.
Simon Brett (from the Horny Toads)
Jeanette Geri.
Andy Cowan.
Wild Turkey.
Phil Smith and the Realistics.
Gypsy Rose Moon.
Stax (Digeman).
Cherry Ripe & the Wagon Wheels.
Marissa Yeaman.
The Blackbird Blues Band.
The Soul Surfers.
The April Maze
The Giants


Matt Taylor.
Kevin Borich.
The Giants.
Kelly Auty.
Matt Corcoran.
Madder Lake

The Legends of Sunbury concert
Sponsors of BRAG-Carols in the Park. -Audio Engineering
Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute. -Sound
-IT & communication
Fire Relief Music Marathon Concert. -Audio Engineering & Staging.
Survival Day.
-Audio Engineering and Staging.
Mountain Doo
(St Thomas Moore Primary School)
- Staging & Audio Engineering

Belgrave Sound and Light support a small number of local Not-for-Profit groups:

  • Selby CFA
  • Camp Eureka, Yarra Junction
  • Belgrave Carols in the Park.
  • Tibetan RIME Institute, Belgrave
  • Survival Day

Private Events.

A large number of private Jam parties.

At last count there have been over 30 such events.

Photos are usually taken at these gigs.

Such images are made available to performers free for open license* use.
Sometime these gigs will be recorded. Such recordings will also be provided to performers free under restricted license*.
We specialise in public and private open mike nights (jam sessions). We can set up anywhere to make sure your party, function or event is as memorable and successful as you could want.
Talk to us. The chances are we can help you.

*Copyright and Licensing


Belgrave Sound and Light supports the intellectual property rights of writers, artists and performers. We do not condone piracy. However we continue to campaigh for changes to current restrictive laws which only serve to protect the profits of Publishing and Recording companies who have been ripping off performers for years.


Belgrave Sound and Light, their staff or agents may take photos or make audio or video recordings at private events. These images and recordings will be provided free of charge to performers or private organisers under open license for private use. Should such images or recordings be used for promotional purposes, acknowlegement of the source must be made. If such images or recordings are used for commercial purposes then a commercial fee may be charged.
Belgrave Sound and Light may use such images as it see fit for self promotion with no restriction, other than preserving the privacy of individuals by not identifying them. Should such recordings be able to be used commercially then full licensing fees will be payable to performers. (eg a jam compilation album)
For commercial services normal commercial licensing rules apply.